Your Guide to a perfect workation for your team
How long will it take to find a workation site for your team on-line?
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Best locations for 5 - 150 people on your team
The GUIDE to best workation
Hey, I'm Mila, the founding member of the Flockin platform, where you can book a workation for your whole team.

Our collection consists hundreds of properties for the best ones for comfortable remote work.

With my guide list for workation, you can find the right place for your perfect workation in 15 minutes.
at guide list
Also, you can see all possiable activities at this area.
We will show all possible places, so you dont need to waste time, and you can book directly. Follow the link.
rental car /services/ banks etc
I have found quickly the right house and booked in 10 minutes.
No high comission.
Tim Strebkov
Very touristic place with noise neigbours
Wrong destination with bad climate
Property with poor Internet connection
The 3 biggest fails can happen booking house/ hotel for work
What drives your decision when choosing a place for workation?
Well, we are paying attention to a range of things:
Interesting culture, but not overtouristic
Possibility to enter VISA-free for the majority of nationalities
Enjoyable and mild climate
Best destinations
That's how we've got the list of interesting destinations where we were organizing our workations:
South Africa
Cabo Verde
We take care of organizing work retreats for your team, where you can lead your business to success while working remotely.
I discovered a few months ago, my friend shared a link to one of their venues exactly one spot I wanted to be at that time.
Patrik Cortado
The CEO of a software engineering company
Here is my promise
And this is only regarding the workability of the accommodation.
Every villa has everything you need for a seamless workflow:
ergonomic couches, desks and chairs
soundproof meeting rooms
the high-speed Internet connection
Masterclass and workshops.
"How to build impactful digital products and find the right developers" workshop, and many more
Yoga masterclass with a professional yoga coach
Networking events.
Startup leaders are exchanging their product strategies, development, and features.
The types of activities for customised workation
IT community brainstorms.
Revised technological solutions in fintech; Usability of blockchain technology for your project.
Team buildings and IT-recruitment tips.
Team onboarding according to your company standards.
Snorkelling in Mexican Gulf
Surfing around Fuerteventura Island
Spotting unique South African penguins
Hiking and trailing down South African Biodiversity Institute
Themed party - guacamole madness, South African Tweede Nuwe Jaar, and more!
and more!
And that is not all! Depending on your requirement and destinations we adjust the activities on your workation.
Amazing and energizing activities hosted by flockin has brought our team together as never before
Diana Gruntar
UX/UI designer
Let's have a
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